• Every being has the genetic knowledge of what it is to be healthy and whole. Disease (“dis-ease”), emotional strain, and physical injury are just some of the ways in which the body’s functions can be affected. The cells then lose their ability to maintain health.

  • By providing your body with energy from Source, I give it the “jump start” needed to begin the self-healing process. Therefore, you heal yourself.

  • You take an active role in creating your plan of care by mutually deciding the short and long term goals.

Retrieve Your Wellness - Session
  • Simple follow up “homework” assignments are offered so that you can continue to progress between sessions.


  • Healing Touch connects, opens, and balances the chakras & energy field.

  • IET (Integrated Energy Therapy) uses the assistance of the angels to identify and release deeply suppressed negative emotions held within your cellular memory.

  • Reiki takes place in the energy field to re-pattern and re-alignment it.


  • All of these techniques are heart-centered and non-invasive, using intention to support physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual healing.

  • Possible benefits include: diminished pain, anxiety, and stress, enhanced sense of well-being, and assistance in wound healing. Also, management of side effects due to chemotherapy, surgical, and medical treatments.


The above techniques are complimentary to other healing arts, and do not replace appropriate medical treatments, or any other medical care that you are receiving.