• The word “chakra” is derived from ancient Sanskrit, and it means “wheel of light”.
  • They are energy vortexes that are located throughout the body. All life forms have chakras; some more than others.
  • A chakra is considered “open” and functioning properly, when the energy vortex spins in a clockwise rotation. A chakra can become imbalanced or compromised due to a physical injury or emotional issue, among other things.
  • There are seven (7) main chakras which are located centrally on the body. Each of these chakras corresponds with many different qualities such as: a specific color, a musical note, and physical / emotional connections. You can access this information by passing your cursor over the chakras on the illustration and clicking on any point.
  • The “Root”, or 1st chakra, is located between the legs, and spins downward to connect us with the earth. The “Crown”, or 7th chakra, is located on the top of your head and spins upward to give us the connection with the Source of our being. (“Source” has other names such as Chi, Prana, Ki, or the Divine). The link is always there…all we have to do is recognize it.
  • The remaining chakras (2-6), spin outward from both the front and back of the body.

Minor & Joint Chakras
In 1974, Dr. W. Brugh Joy. A distinguished West coast doctor, had a life-changing event that allowed him to contact his “Inner Teacher”. Through months of meditation with his Teacher, he not only identified the main chakras, but also located multiple minor chakras, and one over each limb joint.

The energy modality called Healing Touch recognizes 3 of these minor chakras and the joint chakras along with the seven main ones. The minor ones are: the Transpersonal Point (located above the crown off the body), the High Heart (located between the heart and throat chakras), and the spleen (located under the left ribs).

For further reading on this subject, I would suggest the following two books:

1. Joy’ Way, by W. Brugh Joy, MD.


2. The Book of Chakras, by Ambika Wauters

ISBN-13: 978-764121074
ISBN-10: 764121074