I have the ability to address all aspects of the Human Energy System.
It is composed of the Aura (energy field), the Chakras (energy centers), and Meridians (energy tracks).

I am merely the channel for the transfer of Healing Energy. It is the client who performs the healing process and restores balance.

Retrieve Your Wellness - Sue

“I am humbled that I have been granted the gift to assist others in the healing process.”

I chose the word “retrieve” for a reason. It is a verb to symbolize an active role the client takes in their care.

Individualized holistic care plans are created by combing my nursing
knowledge and experience (30+ years) along with energy techniques.

Western Medicine (Nursing):

  • Bachelors Science in Nursing (BSN) from Seton Hall University 1983.
  • Employed at Morristown Medical Center in the Operating Room since 1985.
  • Certified in Operating Room nursing (CNOR) since 1988.

Eastern Medicine (Energy Techniques):

  • Certified Healing Touch Practitioner (CHTP) 2006 [Levels 1 &2], 2008 [Level 3], 2010 [Level 4], 2012 [Level 5], 2013 [Certification]
  • Integrated Energy Therapy Master (IET) 2013 [Basic through Master/Instructor levels]
  • Reiki Master 2003 [Level 1] 2004 [Level 2], 2014 [Master]